1. Emily Dickinson, "I dwell in Possibility"

We begin with Emily Dickinson's "I dwell in Possibility." As you read, keep in mind that Emily's poems call out for multiple readings. There are always four or five things happening at once. Here you'll want to try to understand what kind of house is the house of her writing.

1. read the poem: link to the text
2. listen to Al Filreis recite the poem: link to audio
3. watch a 20-minute discussion of the poem: link to video

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  1. This is so wonderful! This whole site and format is brilliant. Some poems I read here for the first time, 'tho I may have been aware of them, I read other poetry, especially In my often snobby Sydney University days sometimes I don't read famous poems on purpose, I'm afraid of what they might do to my thoughts and conceptions of what they fit in only life, or that I might hate them. Thiis did happen but it was ok because these terrific links to the texts let me quickly move on to the next one and so on...thank you for this format. I have yet to listen to the readings and the discussions. I think I'll start with the readings done only by the poets themselves. And when I have my thoughts clear and strong then I will try, risk, listening to the discussions. How wonderful to have all this on my new galaxy note book, discovered via a Friends Central email link. Love it thank you all.